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Channel 93 - For web sites involving Thelema, as a Religion and/or Spiritual Philosophy, its related Orders, practices, various belie

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Channel 93

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Manager: theodora_maffat
For web sites involving Thelema, as a Religion and/or Spiritual Philosophy, its related Orders, practices, various beliefs and disciplines.

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   Fr. Balaam's musings Preview Go
A description of the path I have taken, a list of books I have used
   The Blue Pyramid Preview 1 review(s) — Go
A site for new approaches to Thelemic theurgy and internal alchemy. Essays, rituals, divinatory methods, etc.
   Ra-Hoor-Khuit Magickal Library Preview Go
A Magickal Online Free Library for all to research areas of Magickal and Personal Development, including: Yoga, Tantra, Thelema, Wiccia, Enochian, Goddess Worship, etc.

   The Lotus and The Ankh Preview Go
Non commercial site dedicated to the Great Goddesses of Ancient Egypt. Extensive links section of pagan,and/or thelemic topics and scholarly sites focused on Egyptology. Numerous webrings. Lots of eye candy.
   Thelemic Logos Preview Go
This is not a beginner's site but rather a site for those involved in gnosis to communicate through the medium of writing
Religion and/or Spiritual Philosophy
   Rosasophia's Magickal Lair (formerly Sapphire's) Preview Go
A thelemic site devoted to magickal topics and ritual, contains rituals and original essays.
   Outskirts Press - Enochian Initiation Preview Go
This is the site of Frater W.I.T.'s book, "Enochian Initiation." Five years of evocatory visions on par with Aleister Crowley's visions of the Thirty Aethyrs are chronicled, along with appendices detailing magical rituals and formulae used as well as extensive endnotes. The vast universe of the angels of the Watchtowers is revealed in awesome detail by these transcendent vi
   La Tana del Lupo Preview Go
A place for everyone intersted in Magick, Thelema and much more. Articles, essays written even by us and a lot free ebooks in english and italian. Forum and chat are coming soon!
   Real Magick and Occult Archives Preview Go
Ceremonial Magick, Occult, Paganism, Magick and Traditional Paganism Forums, and extensive Links for the serious seeker. Info on Psychic self-defense, creating servitors, Enochian magick, basic rituals, energy work, and more!

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