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GURPS - THE place to come for GURPS information, strategy, GURPS paraphanalia, and more.


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   The Matrix Gurps Module Preview Go
Reality as we understand it is actually a complex computer simulation called the Matrix. Created by an Artificial Intelligence, the Matrix hides the truth from humanity, allowing them to live a simulated life while machines grow and harvest them to use as an ongoing energy source. This regularly updated site allows players of Gurps to make their own creations tumble down the rabbit hole.
   Jim's FRPG Website Preview Go
Homepage for a group of adult gamers with nearly twenty years of gaming experience. The online games are by invitation only.
   HupaJupa's GURPS Page Preview Go
A collection of characters, quests, adventure seeds, links, and other GURPS related stuff!

   Patyrsun's GURPS Page Preview Go
This site is home to the Adarian campaign, my personal GURPS Campaign that has been played in for over ten years...it is a rich background and storyline which continues to expand and grow. GURPS characters, magical items, spells and house rules await...for those who dare.
   GURPS Bureau-13 Black Ops and Delta Green Preview Go
This website is devoted to modern consipracy GURPS gaming a la Black Ops, Delta Green and the X-Files.
   GMastErs World of GURPS Preview Go
An archive of random campaign information and weapons statistics, including the "now infamous" GURPS Necromunda conversion.
   Dragon Software's RPG Page Preview Go
Contains resources for Roleplaying Games in general, as well as GURPS-specific resources and links to other sites.
   Elv's GURPS Additions Preview Go
GURPS Sector General, variant rules, races, and more...
   The Unofficial GURPS Page Preview Go
This site is desigened to share ideas that players have.
   Lorn GURPS Campaign Preview Go
Description of a GURPS campaign. Includes many alternate rules, especially for magic.

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