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GURPS - THE place to come for GURPS information, strategy, GURPS paraphanalia, and more.


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   Dr. Dave's GURPS Page Preview Go
Some stuff I wrote for GURPS. A Clerical Magic system. A short alternate spell resistance system. And some other alternate rules for 3rd and 4th Editions. Update 10-15-04
   Gardul Online Preview Go
It is the a vision of how fantasy worlds should be built
   My Campaign World Preview Go
My GURPS Traveller site with lots of 4th edition house rules and conversions.

   Soul Engine Preview Go
A world background: a Circle of Necromancers dominates a linked network of parallel earths via their superhuman soldiery and energy gained through human sacrifice. With GURPS play notes and character templates. Early TL 5 (Napoleonic) with extensive magic and high point value characters.
   Cyberludite's GURPS page! Preview Go
Yet another site for GURPS sci-fi settings.
   GMaster's GURPS site Preview Go
This site contains the highly acclaimed (well, not really) GURPS Necromunda conversion, plus stats about my current campaigns. There is also a 'virtual weapons ordering system', which no one uses.
   Rico's Humanx Games Preview Go
If you want to play a role playing campaign in the Alan Dean Foster's Humanx Commonwealth this is your site: new stuff for GURPS HUMANX , also useful in other Sci-Fi settings (e.g. GURPS TRAVELLER), links, Humanx racial templates,KK starships, etc. etc.
   Gurps Hunter Hp Preview Go
Disponível para download o suplemento Gurps Hunter, que integra elementos de ficção científica e fantasia medieval. Baseado em mangá e anime.
   Structure III -- GURPS Supers PBEM Campaign Preview Go
Structure III is a play-by-email superhero roleplaying campaign using GURPS 4th Edition, GURPS Supers, and other rulebooks; created and GameMastered by David Seagraves. The setting is Austin, Texas in the year 2000 -- a world very similar to our own, except that superpowers exist and thousands of people have gained powers! All countries have outlawed paranormal abilities and the people who possess them. In the US, people caught and found guilty of having powers are permanently incarcerated (and in some cases sedated indefinitely). Supervillians are empowered by this and commit spectacular crimes, while superheroes try to bring them to justice; all supers avoiding the authorities whenever possible. The players' superpowered characters try to survive and thrive in a world that fears and hates them.
   GURPS StarCraft Preview Go
A completely unofficial conversion of Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft universe, for use with Steve Jackson Games' GURPS (Fourth Edition) table-top role-playing, tactical combat, spaceship, and mass combat systems.

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