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Blood and Gold - The Webring for the sites dedicated to the great Master Vampire Marius de Romanus, his fledgling Armand, and the other v

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Blood and Gold

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The Webring for the sites dedicated to the great Master Vampire Marius de Romanus, his fledgling Armand, and the other vampires of Anne Rice. **** December 17, 2008: In light of Anne Rice having her lawyers send out "Cease and Desist" letters to people that roleplay her characters and/or write fanfiction about them, which we find absolutely ludicrous, we are closing this webring, as we will not continue to support someone who chooses to alienate a fairly large portion of her fanbase, rather than appreciate them for, not only contributing to her wealth, but also for having such a deep love of the stories and characters, that they either want to play or write FAN fiction about them. Something which is no different from other fandoms and authors/creators who don't have an issue with it, because they do appreciate their fans.

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"Though innocent you shall atone for the crimes of your fathers, Roman..." (Horace) - site of Marius de Romanus.
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Site home of Marius de Romanus of Sublime Requiem.
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A very complete site, with everything you want to know about the books, characters and movies.

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Daniel Molloy... pleasingly futile
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Fanlisting for Lestat's beauty.
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"Hide me from me, Fill these holes with eyes. For mine are not mine. And too my heart hide. For I shall, at this rate, it also eat in time."
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A gathering place for the immortals of the Anne Rice chronicles. Intellectual and articulate commentry from both mortal and immortal alike. Join the conversations, read their writings and speak to the immortals directly.
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A fanlisting site for the fans of the vampire Santino of The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.
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Tantalise us... An interactive Vampire Chronicles community. Est. 2004 "An unreserved community of thought and feeling"...Come lift the veil and whisper your thoughts.

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