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Seduction of Words - For those that believe in originality, creativity and inspiration. This webring plays with web design, saucy attitude an

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Seduction of Words

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Manager: lilithezine
For those that believe in originality, creativity and inspiration. This webring plays with web design, saucy attitude and style. Its all about keeping up with yourself and expressing it through beautiful web pages. - - - - Blogging, journals, rants, essays, etc.

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   Charles Alexander Moffat Preview Go
Poetry, writing, novels, stories, journalism, art history, paintings and video art by Charles Alexander Moffat Biography.
   Goddesses and Female Archetypes of the World Preview Go
A collection of over 100 different goddesses and female archetypes from myths and legends.
   Rise of the Blade Preview Go
"ROTB" was originally set to be published in 1998 but never made it to the printing block because the publisher TSR was bought out by Wizards of the Coast. Now it is available online, the complete unedited novel for you to read. It's not fan-fiction, its a novel that was never published.

   oactivista Preview Go
Activismo sem fins lucrativos.
   Creating Blogs! Preview Go
Creating blogs with Blogger.com, some advanced templates can be accessed with a design forum of 12 catagories with 4 to 12 designs each for a background in which your blog is transparent scrolling over the design. I have added links to my other blogs that you may want to look at, if just for the design ideas! Have fun! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
   The Buddha Reincarnated? Preview Go
A teenage boy has been meditating in a Nepalese jungle for six months, and thousands of people have flocked to see him, some believing he is the reincarnation of Buddha.
   Google Vs. Microsoft - The Fight Over Yahoo's Remains Preview Go
Since the dawn of Microsoft Windows, Bill Gates has been determined to buy out all of his competition. Companies have fallen before the ink of his pen. With lots of money to waste and a monopoly to maintain, Microsoft's only concern is companies that refuse to be bought. Companies like Google. Instead Google is doing their own share of buying, and both Microsoft & Google want to buy Yahoo Inc.
   The World's Smallest Countries Preview Go
Bassas da India, Vatican City, Monaco, Tuvalu, Pitcairn Islands, San Marino, Christmas Island, Sao Tome & Principe, Gambia, El Salvador, Suriname, Uruguay, Guyana and many more.
   Jesus Christ, Santa Claus & the Magic Panda! Preview Go
A Fairy-Tale by Suzanne (the Glowing Maid) MacNevin.
   Who Will Replace Stephen Harper? Preview Go
The clock is ticking on Stephen Harper's political career. His political party is $1.3 million in debt due to his overspending in 2004. He lost the same-sex marriage debate (gay marriages are now legal in Canada). And as of July 1st, Canada Day, Harper's spindoctors and advisors all quit on him, a sure sign that he is soon to be replaced.

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