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Aussie Blogs - G'day! If you follow along through our WebRing, it will take you to lots of Blogs written by Aussies - they might be abo

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Aussie Blogs

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Manager: noooool

If you follow along through our WebRing, it will take you to lots of Blogs written by Aussies - they might be about our GREAT country or really about nearly anything at all.

Some of them are dinki-di and some of them are just plain ding-aling!

If you want to find out what Aussies are blogging about - here is THE place to look...

If you are an Aussie Blogger - please feel free to JOIN US...


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Deb Glassford's Room
Deb Glassford's Blog
So anyway...
Ramblings of a somewhat amusing and occasionally thoughtful permanently expatriate American geek designer/artist living happily in Melbourne, Australia. Or something.
At last, a blog by a fish!
See the world from a fighting fish's point of view. Wise Colin is a blog by the universe's coolest, most intelligent, most opinionated, most UFO-obsessed Zen Master fish (specialising in street signs). His mission - to put humanity in its place. Pity about fish-whisperer George, his uncool human companion.
Give me spirit fingers dammit!!
Commentary on style and shopping trends (local and international) by an Aussie living in Hong Kong
brain graze
News reports and comment from all over with occasional reports from Geelong and western Victoria. Weekly racing tips and occasional poems.

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Aussie Blogs

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If you are an Aussie with a Blog about almost anything (must be appropriate for ALL ages to view) please feel free to Join our Ring - with dozens of daily visitors, our Ring will bring plenty of new readers to your Blog...

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